KIC Sweden

Our projects

The Christian Democratic International Center (KIC) is working with democracy development in the South as well as in Central and Eastern Europe. The notion that all people, wherever they live, have the same value, and that we all are to care for one another, is a corner stone in Christian Democratic ideology. As one of the wealthiest countries in the world, Sweden has the responsibility as well as the possibility to support people living under oppression. With our long democratic experience, we are able to share our knowledge and support those who are fighting for their democratic rights or for a functioning democratic system.

Political parties and NGOs together form the base upon which democracy and society rests. Establishing new parties and NGOs is however often hard and costly, mainly due to lack of knowledge and experience on democratic organisation development, and how to democratically arouse enthusiasm for one’s views.

KIC was established in 1995 following a government decision to start channelling support for democracy in the South as well as in Central and Eastern Europe through Party Affiliated Organisations (PAO). During the early years, KIC mainly cooperated with the Baltic countries. As time has passed, activities have spread to other European countries as well as to Latin America and Africa.

KIC aims for all activities to be long-term oriented. Apart from that requirement, there are also a number of other criteria governing the board’s decisions on different projects. The most important criteria are that our projects should be geographically relevant, furthermore they should have a capacity building effect and really meet the actual needs in the country. The gender perspective should pervade all of KIC’s projects.