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Bridging the nation Kenya

What does it take to make democracy work in a country marked by poverty and corruption? For starters, it takes political parties that have the capacity to respond to and represent the shared interests of all. Parties that practice internal democracy, get involved in public debate, and do politics – as government or opposition – professionally, transparently and peacefully.

In Kenya, a series of democracy projects brought the political parties together to discuss democracy and the future of Kenya. As a result, former political enemies defused the tension and found new ways forward in bridging the nation.

This book is for anyone interested in democratization and the political culture of Africa. It is written in English and published in cooperation between KIC and Samhällsgemenskaps förlag.

Ken Opala is from Kenya and works as a journalist. He was rewarded the International Association of Journalists’ regional prize for Africa in 2003.

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