Request for Tender


For the Program for Young Politicians in Africa

This RFT refers to the translation of new and updated texts in the training material of the “Program for Young Politicians in Africa” (PYPA) run by KIC.

KIC (Christian Democratic International Center) is a Swedish party affiliated organisation that is working for democracy assistance in three continents: Africa, Latin America and Europe. The aim of KIC’s activities is to contribute to the democracy and the development of the countries in which KIC works.

PYPA is a multi-party, transnational African capacity-strengthening program aiming to contribute to a more democratic, representative, and non-discriminatory political system in the program countries. The main program text is our training material, which includes relevant historical contexts, educational information and statistics.

KIC invites bids from candidates for a qualified translator to translate new and updated parts of the PYPA training material from English to French.

Below follows a description of the services expected from the contractor:

• A contextual translation of newly added text comprising of circa 75 pages and translation of the old text that is already translated but has been updated comprising of circa 175 pages
• Possibility for revisions when needed

The evaluation process will be undertaken with the aim of determining which tender represents best value for money to KIC. In determining value for money, tenders will be assessed against the following evaluation criteria:

• Compliance Criteria:
Compliance with Conditions of Tender

• Qualitative Criteria:
Capability of the Tenderer to fulfil the KIC’s requirements, including education, skills, experience and availability of personnel;

• The extent to which the Fees represent value for money

• The degree to which the services meet KIC requirements.

Following the receipt of Tenders, KIC, in its absolute discretion, may:
(a) use any relevant information obtained in relation to a Tender (through this RFT or by independent inquiry) in the evaluation of Tenders;
(b) enter into discussions or negotiations with any one or more Tenderers; and
(c) seek clarification or additional information from any Tenderer.

KIC may exclude from consideration in the evaluation of tenders additional information provided by tenderers, whether received in response to a request or otherwise.

The tender shall include the following information, which shall be used in the evaluation of the tender:

• Proof of translator certification/authorisation
• Information about prior experience of translating texts between English and French and relevant to the areas of politics, human rights, conflict resolution and sustainability as well as pedagogical texts.
• Cost specifications per word and, if not included, for any needed revisions
• Preferred type of communication with the translator – and preferred format of the text to be translated
• Translator’s availability
• Whether the translator works with more than one account simultaneously
• Certificate of company Incorporation/Registration
• Valid Tax Compliance Certificate
• Current Business Permit

Exclusion of Tenderers
See appendix A for details on which situations will lead to exclusion of tenderers from participating in the procurement procedure.

The tenderer shall indicate cost including all taxes in the tender. All monetary amounts are to be expressed in SEK or USD.

Tender constitutes binding offer
A tender constitutes an irrevocable, unalterable offer by the tenderer to KIC which must remain valid and open to be accepted for a period of no less than 30 days from the closing time and may be extended by written agreement. Tenderers may state in their tender a period of more than 30 days from the closing time for which their tender remains valid for acceptance.

Final day of submission
The tender, including all required information is to be submitted to KIC at the latest 18th of January 2021. The tender should be submitted by email to the address below.

Annika Rigö
Deputy Secretary General
KIC – Christian Democratic International Center

KIC will accept the quotation that best meets the requirements set and which is considered economically most advantageous in view of the evaluation criteria stated in the invitation or the lowest price.

Once the evaluation process in completed KIC will communicate the final decision to all parties that have submitted the tender. The contractor shall indicate the e-mail address to which the decision can be sent.

Note that neither the process nor the allocation decision means that a binding agreement has been made. KIC reserves the right of not accepting any of the tenders submitted. KIC will not be responsible for any costs or expenses incurred by the tenders in connection with the preparation and submission of their bids to KIC.

Questions concerning the tender can be posed to the contact person indicated below. In addition KIC reserves the right to take references on the proposed candidates.

For further information, kindly contact;

Annika Rigö
Deputy Secretary General
KIC – Christian Democratic International Center
+46 (0)76 527 25 72

Appendix A

Tenderers must in their tenders certify that they the are not in/covered by any of the situations mentioned below, if the Tenderer is in any such situation the Tenderer will be excluded from participating in the procurement procedure.

(1) they are bankrupt, insolvent or subject to liquidation, when their assets are managed by a trustee or by a court, if they have entered into a settlement with their creditors, if their business is dormant or if they are in any similar situation arising from a similar procedure provided for in national or other regulations.

(2) it has been determined by a final verdict or a final administrative decision that the Tenderer has committed a serious error in his/her professional conduct by violating the applicable laws or regulations or ethical standards of the profession to which the Tenderer belongs, or by having participated in any undue act affecting his or her professional credibility and behaviour showing an improper intent or gross negligence, in particular one of the following:
(i) providing fraudulent information for the purpose of verifying that there are no grounds for exclusion, compliance with selection criteria or in the performance of a contract, for fraud or negligence;
(ii) entering into agreements with other economic operators with a view to distorting competition;
(iii) infringing intellectual property rights;
(iv) attempting to influence KIC’s decision-making process during the procurement procedure; (v) attempting to obtain confidential information which may give undue advantage to the procurement procedure;

(3) it has been determined by a final verdict or a final administrative decision that the Tenderer has breached its tax or social security payment obligations in accordance with applicable law.

(4) It has been determined by a final verdict that they, or persons authorised to represent them, have committed any of the following: fraud, corruption, involvement in a criminal organisation, money laundering, terrorist financing, child labour (or other forms of trafficking in human beings) or other illegal activities that damage Sweden’s or Sida’s interests.

(5) The Tenderer has shown major deficiencies in fulfilling the principal obligations in the performance of a contract financed by Sida or by KIC, which has resulted in a premature or contractual termination or contractual sanction imposed, or that have been discovered after checks and audits or investigations, or

(6) they, their subsidiaries, another company belonging to the same group, a consortium partner or another branch are listed in the EU restrictive measures. The lists of persons, groups and entities subject to EU restrictive measures are published on the following website: