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KIC has started activities in Bolivia

bolivia-young-political-leadersWith a great participation of young leaders, KIC has initiated its activities in Bolivia. The idea an initial phase of this project is the formation of a political platform that allows youth leaders to achieve real political participation, and also the inclusion of common agendas and issues affecting this group in the political arena.

The initial phase will last a period of six months during which the participants will work with activities regarding the foundation of the platform, in addition there will be some training in good governance, as for example the new law on youth and the law on political parties, issues that are on the debate today in Bolivian.
There was such a success in the call for participants that from an initial group of 20 young people, KIC had to organized two working groups, one executive and the other for support. The activities are decentralized and work not only in La Paz, but also in cities like Santa Cruz and Cochabamba.

For more information about the project please contact the program manager for Latin America at: