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IDEA’s Press Release on the Political Party Peer Network Meeting in Stockholm

The global Political Party Peer Network, consisting of leading political party support organizations, and donors from all over the world, is to meet in Sigtuna, Sweden, on 10-12 June 2013 to discuss latest developments in the field of assistance to political parties and political party systems.

International IDEA’s Secretary-General Vidar Helgesen will speak at the opening of the meeting.

The event will cover the topic ”Political party dialogue for a strong party system” – currently among the most used approaches in political party assistance.

A new publication – Political Party Dialogue: a Facilitator’s Guide – based on the collective experiences with interparty

dialogue platforms of International IDEA, the Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy (NIMD) and the Oslo Center for Peace and Human
rights, will be launched at the meeting.

Other subjects to be discussed include: the art and craft of policy formulation; results frameworks for party assistance; evaluation of parliamentary assistance; policy implementation from a donor perspective; the role of party internationals in strengthening multi-party democracy; how to bring women into political party work; and political parties and new technology.

The Political Party Peer Network – the PPPeer Network – is an informal gathering of organizations in this field. The network was first convened by International IDEA in 2009, and later met in a larger setting organized between IDEA and the Department for International Development (DFID) in March 2010 at Wilton Park, UK.

The meeting will compare efforts in evaluation and deploying assistance and examine the different approaches applied by different organizations, as well as discuss the future of this network.

Main organizers of the Sigtuna event are International IDEA, Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida), and Swedish International Liberal Centre (SILC). Participating organizations include: NIMD, NDI, the Danish Institute for Parties and Democracy, Demo Finland, Norad,

Sida, the Asia Foundation, ODI, USAID, IRI, OSCE/ODIHR,

UNDP, and the international foundations related to political parties from Germany, Norway, Sweden, UK, Australia and elsewhere.

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