KIC Sweden

FAQs about KIC and democracy support

What type of organisation is Christian Democratic International Center?
Christian Democratic International Center (KIC) is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) with ideological ties to the Swedish Christian Democratic Party.

What is party-oriented democracy support?
Party-oriented support has relatively recently been adopted in Sweden as a means of promoting democracy. Party-oriented democracy support was an initiative introduced in 1994 when Alf Svensson, former leader of the Christian Democratic Party, was the Swedish Minister for International Development Cooperation. It offers all parties represented in the Swedish Parliament an opportunity to develop international cooperation. Funds from the party-oriented democracy support program are allocated according to the number of parliamentary seats held by each party. The Christian Democratic Party has entrusted the Christian Democratic International Centre (KIC) with responsibility for its democracy support.

What are the key objectives of party-oriented democracy support?
The Swedish Government states in its guidelines that party-affiliated organisations shall contribute to promoting the development of effective political parties and organisations, as well as political participation and democratic political systems. Further key objectives include promoting respect for human rights and equality, and establishing forums for dialogue between citizens and decisions makers.

What does KIC’s work involve in practice?
All KIC projects are developed in collaboration with our local partners, based on their particular needs.
In countries with repressive regimes, the emphasis is placed on supporting independent media and the Christian Democratic Movements. In countries where a transition to democracy has recently been initiated, KIC cooperates with a broader range of parties or democracy-promoting organisations in order to strengthen the multi-party system.